Two that caught my eye

With so much great content out there, sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to get through it all and it is harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. But here are two (unrelated but stand-out) items that I’ve loved today for different reasons.

How to Stop your Welcome Email from Being a Dead End

From the lovely people at Unbounce – this one caught my eye because I’ve spent the morning looking at e-mail best practices – and then this shows up in my inbox. It has some great tips on how to get value from that all important welcome email and shares some insights like:

  • With 4x the open rate of most campaign emails, a dead-end welcome email is a missed opportunity.
  • Specific subject lines with an element of utility/curiosity make your welcome emails more clickable.
  • Welcome emails aren’t sign up receipts. Don’t underestimate their purpose.


Diet Coke presents: The Slender Vender

This showed up in my Twitter feed today and I thought it was great. Why? Because like most great ideas, it is novel but clear and simple. This is a fantastic example of looking at things slightly differently to bring that element of surprise and novelty to an accepted format (in this case the vending machine). Of course the real genius lies in the fact that it contributes to the brand too. Smart.


What’s your favourite World Cup ad?

If your house is anything like mine, then World Cup fever has already taken over and we are only a few days in!

To mark the occasion, I thought that today, I would gather some of the more elaborate World Cup ads that have been produced this year.  These are not so much ads as major productions.

Which is your favourite?


Nike: The Last Game


McDonalds: Gol!


Beats by Dr Dre: The Game before the Game


Adidas: The Dream