Some favourite Infographics

Since beginning the Graduate Certificate in Management (Digital Marketing) last February, I spend a hell of a lot of time online, so much so that my children think I might have a problem! Last semester one of our assignments was to produce a content marketing plan for a relationships  counselling service so when my youngest saw me checking out the ‘Support for Single Parents’ page one day, he thought the worst and suggested I might grow cabbages for a living instead! Now I’m not sure that cabbage growers are all happily married either but at least now if I do decide to grow cabbages, I’ll be able to market them digitally!!

But I digress. I tell this story to get across just how easy it is to immerse yourself in all the helpful content that’s available out there both for me as a student and for practitioners too. You literally could lose yourself for hours if you had the time. One way I’ve found that really helps my learning is to read the long-hand version first and then find a great infographic that crystallises the topic and presents the key data in a pleasing visual format.

In my last post, I talked about the advantages to marketers of using infographics and promised you my favourites so far. So true to my word, here they are. Needless to say, this is massively subject to change as more and more great infographics are produced. I like to keep my favourites together on my Pinterest Board so you’ll find more there but for now, here are my favourites.


The State of Content Marketing

State of Content Marketing 2014

State of Content Marketing 2014

The Secret Art of Digital Marketing

I must warn you it’s a long one but well worth the scroll.

The secret Art of Digital Marketing [Infographhic]


The last one is here because it made me smile.

Profile of a Twitter user

Profile of a Twitter user